The guitarist master of Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen, is one of the main topics of the rock and metal communities these days. The rumors are saying that he has a tough battle against throat cancer.

There’s no official announcement or confirmation about Eddie’s cancer but also there are some strong proofs. One of the famous doctors of the USA, Todd Lanman, has shared a photo of himself with Eddie Van Halen at his consulting room on Instagram and that photo went viral on the Internet after the report of Blabbermouth which was released three days ago.

Today, a new report about the recent health condition of Eddie Van Halen has revealed by TMZ. And they said that the report based on statements from a ‘reliable source’.

According to the source, Eddie Van Halen was discharged from the hospital due to complications of his painful cancer treatment.

Here’s what TMZ’s report (Eddie Van Halen Out Of Hospital After Painful Reaction to Cancer Drugs titled) is saying:

“Eddie Van Halen is back home, hanging out with his son after suffering through a few rough days in a hospital with what we’re told were complications from his cancer treatment.

Sources close to the legendary guitarist tell TMZ … he was admitted to the hospital last week with intestinal issues and abdominal pain. We’re told both were the result of a bad reaction to the drugs Eddie is taking to battle throat cancer.”

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