Ron McGovney, who is the original bass guitarist of Metallica, took to his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed the most disgusting song that they ever recorded.

In the earlier days of Metallica, the band members covered ‘So What?’ by Anti-Nowhere League, and they released the song as a B-side to one of the best singles they released, ‘Sad But True,’ which also added on the Garage Inc. album.

Ron shared his thoughts about this cover by replying to the tweets of Metallica fans and mentioned that James and Lars played this single over and over again, even though they knew Ron hates this song so much.

To show how much he hates So What, Ron claimed that this is the most disgusting song Metallica ever recorded and admitted that he didn’t have fun while playing and hearing this song in the rehearsals.

Here is what Ron McGovney said about the ‘So What?’ song:

“Most disgusting song Metallica ever recorded. James and Lars played the single over and over on my turntable even though they knew I hated it. Not fun times.”

You can read the tweet and listen to the song below.