Legendary KISS drummer Eric Carr’s ex-girlfriend Carrie Stevens posted a photo of the 1983 poster of Van Halen’s iconic frontman David Lee Roth and she recreated David’s sexy pose in honor of his 66th birthday.

The famous American model and actress Carrie Stevens has been known for her relationship with the late KISS drummer Eric Carr. They were together for nearly four years until Carr’s death in 1991. Eric passed away from heart cancer on November 24, 1991, at the age of 41.

While the rock music community has been mourning for another tragic death of a guitar legend, Eddie Van Halen, his bandmate and dear friend David Lee Roth turned 66 years old on October 10th.

Recently on Twitter, Carrie Stevens shared the photo of David Lee Roth’s iconic 1983 poster in which he posed with a sexy outfit in front of a mirror. In honor of David’s birthday, Carrie recreated the famous poster and posed with a similar outfit. In her tweet, Stevens referred to Roth as the best frontman ever and wished him a happy birthday.

Here’s how Carrie Stevens celebrated David Lee Roth’s birthday:

“Happy Birthday to David Lee Roth! I recreated this iconic 1983 poster of the best frontman ever.

I originally intended to use it as my book cover. It decided it was more appropriate as the header photo for chapter one of my memoir.”

You can see the tweet Carrie Stevens posted on her Twitter account below.

Additionally, Guns N’ Roses’ legendary guitarist Slash posted the photo of Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth on his Instagram account in honor of his 66th birthday, however, he was late to join the celebrations as usual.

Here’s how Slash celebrated David’s birthday:

Happy belated Birthday (10/10) #DavidLeeRoth ;)'”

You can see the photo Slash posted on his Instagram account.