“Music Is Win” Youtube channel has shared an interesting video about playing guitar solo… The owner of the channel, Tyler trying to learn Metallica’s Creeping Death guitar solo without tabs or anything like that.

He stated:

“Today, I’m gonna try and learn the hardest Metallica solo ever and it’s not up for debate which solo is the hardest of Metallica’s catalogue. There’s no question. It’s Creeping Death!

OK, just kidding. You can debate it. Leave a comment down below. Tell me which Metallica solo you think is hardest. Anyways I think it’s Creeping Death.

I have never tried to learn this solo. I have listened to it many times, which I believe it’s the first rule of learning anything. You should be able to sing it in your head.

So that way you have strong sense of sear training, going into it and you understand when maybe you didn’t quite play that lick correctly.”

Creeping Death’s solo is one of the hardest guitar solos written by Kirk Hammett. If you want to watch how Kirk Hammett playing it at the live show, check the video from below.

You can reach the “Music Is Win” Youtube channel here.

Watch the video from below.