During the recent episode of The Mark Agnesi Show on Youtube, Instagram fame (I guess that’s the right definition) Mrs. Smith has invited Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett to “wah-wah challenge”.

Mark Agnesi has shared the video of Mrs. Smith on Instagram and wrote:

“The triumphant return of #TheMarkAgnesiShow with my guest the incredible @smithcatmrs. Click the link in my bio to subscribe now!!!! The ball is in your court @kirkhammett

Kirk Hammett has reacted:

“Challenge received and accepted. @markagnesi @smithcatmrs 🖤🎸🖤 #wahoff”

Check the video below.

Then, Mrs Smith has shared the photo of Hammett’s post and wrote:

“On @markagnesi ‘s talk show I opined that I am the #1 ABUSER of the Wah Wah pedal and challenged @kirkhammett of @metallica to a “Wah-Off.
He has accepted my challenge.
Kittens, it’s on!”

You can watch the full episode of The Mark Agnesi Show below (wah-wah part at 12:30).