Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian spoke in an interview with Lazer 103.3 FM and told that how did he go the strip club with pop icon Madonna. He said (transcriped by Blabbermouth):

“We were already out that evening. We were already out at dinner and Guy Oseary, who is her manager now, back then, he was running her record label [Maverick].

We had read about this stripper with some crazy, like 44 triple K [size breasts]. It was in the back of the New York Post where they advertise for the strip clubs.

We happened to mention it and she overheard us talking about it. ‘What are you guys talking about?’ She -Madonna- looked at the ad and said ‘I want to go! I want to go!’ So that’s where we went after dinner.”

He also spoke on how he became a professional poker player. He said:

“By a complete fluke, win a celebrity poker tournament on VH1 having never, ever played [Texas] Hold ‘Em in your life and you win it. Then the online poker company that was sponsoring it decides they want to sign you up and get you poker lessons with poker pros and you find out that you take to it really well and it feels really natural and you dive in head-first and take it more seriously than perhaps anything you’ve ever done in your life. It’s a pretty crazy tale.”

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