Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Hold has shared a photo of an interesting meme about popular rock band Imagine Dragons and wrote:

“Just watched the college football half time show to see just how bad it really was. PLEASE no more calling this shittiest band on earth “rock”, they are simply the crappiest excuse for a band I’ve ever heard.

Uggggh. Just awful. I don’t usually enjoy slagging musicians but they can’t really call themselves that. So fuck em!!”

A fan wrote:

“If these guys are called a rock band….. rock is dead for me…. fuck this shit.. time to get the good old times back!!!!

Another fan responded:

“They never called themselves “rock” if you want to put a label on them, fine, but they’re good musicians and great people and they don’t deserve this hate, also, they’ve been around for a shorter time than you guys and their music is known worldwide so, maybe, they’re not that bad.

The singer was sick that night but he still tried his best, you shouldn’t judge them because of one bad performance (wich was not even their fault)”

What’s your opinion?

See the photo and statement below.