Former Judas Priest frontman Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens remembered the time when he lost his voice during a recent appearance on the Rock Down South podcast.

After Judas Priest made the ‘Painkiller’ record in 1990, the original singer Rob Halford decided to leave the band. The band hired Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens to replace their previous frontman, and he played with the band until Rob’s return in 2005.

In the conversation, Tim recalled when they were doing the ‘Jugulator’ tour and revealed that he actually lost his voice in the second show of the European leg, which happened for the first time in his career.

While Tim was saying that he was pretty upset and embarrassed about the situation, he also mentioned that he didn’t want to play ‘Victim Of Changes’ because it has a high note at the end, and he would have been embarrassed if nothing came out of his mouth.

Instead of playing ‘Victim Of Changes,’ Tim suggested the band play ‘Breaking The Law’ or ‘Grinder.’ It was such a devastating moment for Tim that he still often thinks about i, to this day.

Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens talked about the time when he lost his voice:

“The Iced Earth show that I did at the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. It was the last show of the tour — probably ‘The Glorious Burden’ tour, maybe, I think. And I lost my voice. When I got there, I had no voice at all. It was just horrible. I’ll never forget it.

And then I had a Judas Priest show like that too. We did an American run when I made the band for the ‘Jugulator’ tour. And then we went to Europe. And the second show, I think it was, I’d lost my voice.

He continued:

“And at that time, I’d never really lost my voice on something like that. And I was so embarrassed and upset. I thought, ‘These guys are gonna yell at me.’ We were on stage and I remember telling Glenn , ‘I don’t think I can do ‘Victim Of Changes’.’

I’d never taken a song out of our setlist in my life. I could sing ‘Breaking The Law’ or ‘Grinder’ — there’s plenty of songs I can do without… The problem is ‘Victim Of Changes’ has that high note at the end, and if nothing comes out of my mouth, it’s gonna be pretty embarrassing.

But that was really bad. So those two shows still stick out… Not that I’ve not had crappy shows since then — shows that I’ve probably lost my voice — but that show, I really think about that all the time.”

You can check out the conversation and listen to ‘Victim of Changes’ below.