Former Judas Priest singer Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens reflected on working with multiple bands during a recent appearance on The Rock Shop With Ralph. Apparently, the main reason behind his tenures with numerous bands is to make more money, and that would only change if he had the chance to be in a band like Iron Maiden.

Tim Owens first made the headlines when he replaced Judas Priest’s iconic lead singer Rob Halford in 1996. The vocalist recorded two studio albums, two live albums and collaborated on a DVD release in 2002, until his departure in 2003 when Halford returned to the band.

Since he left Judas Priest, Owens has worked with many bands, such as Iced Earth, KK’s Priest, Spirits of Fire, Yngwie Malmsteen‘s Rising Force, often contributing to several projects simultaneously.

During a recent interview, Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens was asked about his decision to work with numerous bands instead of one. The musician said he chooses to be with various bands to make more money since he doesn’t have to be devoted to one band like in the old days.

By recording and touring with different bands, he financially supports himself further, whereas he wouldn’t be able to tour if he were to have a regular stint with one band. As for the people who want to see him in one band, Owens has one condition.

The musician made it clear that he would love to work with only one band if it’s a band like Iron Maiden, whose lead singer Bruce Dickinson has a net worth of $130 million. It appears that Owens prefers to sustain a financially stable life rather than having one band to depend on at all times.

When asked if he would work with one band, Owens said:

“Well, I can’t be in one band. I couldn’t just be in Judas Priest if they asked me to do it nowadays – unless they were gonna pay me more than they did before. I’m a musician. This isn’t the old days. Everybody’s in other bands and other projects and things. I sit at home and make money recording and I make money touring with other people.

If I did just one band, I would have to have a regular job, and you wouldn’t see me on tour; I wouldn’t have time to tour. There are people out there saying, ‘I wish you did one band only…’ Listen, it’d be great if my band was like Iron Maiden, and we were making that kind of money. Then I would be all right.”

You can watch the interview below.