During their show in France, Ghost’s Tobias Forge recently faced a vocal issue. After singing a dozen songs, the singer said he could not sing anything else and left the stage.

Ghost was known to be one of the most intriguing metal bands in history. Their performances were fully masked, and their fans had no names regarding the members. The lead singer Papa Emeritus, aka Tobias Forge, was the first to give his identity and reveal his name and face. However, the rest of the live performers consisted of many Nameless Ghouls who revealed their identities earlier this year on a social media post.

Even though their names appeared openly, the band had lost no charm. They are currently on tour and are performing the European leg of their world tour supporting their recent album ‘Impera.’ The record became the band’s fifth studio album. It received highly positive reviews, especially with the singles, such as ‘Dance Macabre’ and ‘Twenties.’

Their most recent concert in Clisson, France, gave their fans a fantastic time with an outstanding performance. However, the fans knew something was up with Tobias’ voice as instead of having his normal silky voice, he was singing in a more raspy tune. After performing a dozen songs, the singer ended the concert.

Typically, their performances ended with their 2016 hit ‘Square Hammer,’ but this time, the singer couldn’t perform until the last song. After a confetti surprise with ‘Dance Macabre,’ Tobias stated that he could not sing another song as his voice was going. Despite his damaged voice, fans are glad he managed to sing almost all of their setlists.

Here is what Tobias said during the show:

My voice is completely f*cked. I cannot sing one other song for you.”

You can watch the performance and his announcement about his voice below.

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