Ghost frontman Tobias Forge recently gave an interview to Metal Hammer and revealed how Def Leppard influenced the band’s new record.

After releasing 2018’s ‘Prequelle,’ Ghost announced working on a fifth studio album titled ‘Impera’ in 2020. Moreover, they introduced their new Papa Emeritus IV character and revealed that they plan to release the album on March 11, 2022.

In a previous interview, Tobias Forge excited the Ghost fans by giving hints about ‘Impera’s content. He stated that it would be an album based on various aspects of an empire, which would reflect itself in each song on the album.

Moreover, Forge also resembled the ‘Impera’ album to Iron Maiden’s fifth studio record ‘Powerslave’ and their sixth ‘Somewhere in Time.’ According to the rocker, these albums deal with pharaohs or time concepts, and ‘Impera’ deals with empires.

In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Tobias Forge revealed that he was inspired by Def Leppard while working on ‘Impera.’ He stated that their ‘Pyromania’ and ‘Hysteria’ start with one thing. After a verse, pre-chorus, another pre-chorus, and five different sections, the chorus comes in a different key.

Furthermore, Forge said that doing this in every song is such a riot, and Def Leppard’s ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ is written smartly. According to Forge, this isn’t a surprise because Def Leppard is great.

In the interview with Metal Hammer, Tobias Forge said about Def Leppard’s influences on ‘Impera’ the following:

“Going into this record, I thought I would see if I could do it a little more as Def Leppard did it, where every song, especially on ‘Pyromania’ or ‘Hysteria,’ starts with one thing.

Then there’s a verse, then there’s a pre-chorus that feels like a chorus, and then there’s another pre-chorus and another thing, and finally, after like five different sections, comes the chorus, in a completely different key.

It’s such a riot! Every song! Even ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ is quite intelligently written. I’m not saying that as a surprise; I think they were great.”

You can listen to Ghost’s ‘Impera’ below.