Ghost frontman Tobias Forge recently joined Elliot In The Morning for an interview and revealed his thoughts on how to benefit from the hate toward Ghost.

Ghost doesn’t actually categorize their music, but their sound has been classified as hard rock, heavy metal, pop rock, doom metal, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, arena rock, and occult rock. Although the band members said they have no intention to be a metal band, they all have metal roots and have confirmed the influence.

As Ghost’s lyrics are Satanic in nature, they receive a lot of criticism, especially from religious sides. For instance, recording ‘Infestissumam’ in Nashville, Tennessee, was challenging for the band because they couldn’t find choral singers to sing the lyrics. Their music has also been banned from TV shows and radio stations.

In a recent interview, DJ Elliot Segal told Tobias Forge about the success of their latest album ‘Impera’ and asked him whether he gets angry when the audience tries to figure out what little area to put Ghost into. Forge then said he was not angry and didn’t have an issue with those people.

According to Forge, almost everything is measured by activity today, unlike 30 years ago when physical album sales were important. Moreover, the musician also argued it adds to the activity when people talk about Ghost, either positively or negatively. So, he is okay with people talking about the band.

Asked whether he gets angry when the fans have a hard time labeling Ghost, Tobias Forge said the following:

“No, definitely not angry. That is not my problem. I don’t have a problem with people having a problem with it. If I want to be the most super-positive person ever and see everything from a half-full perspective — most things today are measured by activity.

Spotify activity, online activity, whatever, as opposed to 30 years ago when it was sales; one record sold as one unit, and that was counted. But nowadays, everything is about content and activity.

He then continued:

“Especially those who aren’t chatting about how good they think we are but how bad they think we are, that adds to the activity. So, it’s actually a good thing. [Laughs] So keep on talking. It’s all good. It’s all fun.”

You can listen to the rest of the interview below.