Ghost frontman Tobias Forge was the latest interview guest of Billboard’s Mick Stingley and revealed his musical influencers.

Forge admitted that KISS and Alice Cooper were his major influencers of all time.

Here is his statement:

“Kiss and Alice Cooper have had an enormous impact on me, ever since I was a tiny tad bigger than an infant.

I like Blue Oyster Cult, but they were never as big of an influence as people think they were because they never had the significance for me as Kiss or Alice Cooper had.

It’s more a matter of [Ghost] being melodic rock but with a lot of multi-harmonized vocals that make it sound like BOC.”

Billboard asked that if there can be any Satan without God. Forge referred to Christianity and the Bible.

Here is what he said:

“The Satan that we are most commonly referring to in the Western world is obviously a product of Christianity. Within the confines and context of Christianity, no. They cannot exist without the other.

That’s the problem with the entire concept of Satanism because, depending on who you’re talking to — if you’re talking to a Bible thumper, Satan exists within the bras of women, and Satan exists within the confines of rock’n’roll music and drugs and everything that would be considered quote ‘bad’ and ‘dangerous’ and ‘harmful.’ And I think that in rock ’n’ roll and in pop culture, that is the thing that most people cling to.”

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