Ghost lead vocalist Tobias Forge revealed some exclusive details about the band’s new record and named the Iron Maiden albums that shared some common characteristics in his recent interview with Metal Hammer.

Following the release of ‘Prequelle,’ Ghost announced that they started working on their upcoming fifth studio album entitled ‘Impera.’ Then, they introduced a brand new character named Papa Emeritus IV and unveiled that it will be released on March 11, 2022.

During one of his previous conversations, Forge stated that he was very excited to share the album with their fans even though it’s a challenging process to compose and write. Recently, he talked about the album, saying that it focuses on a concept but not telling a whole story with songs like King Diamond did.

Furthermore, Tobias Forge added that it’s not a rock opera. The Ghost lead singer resembled the new album to Iron Maiden’s fifth studio album ‘Powerslave’ and the sixth record ‘Somewhere in Time,’ which had themes that the band used to reflect different sides of them.

Forge said in his interview that:

“I think people need to understand that my albums are never conceptual in the way that King Diamond’s are. It’s never a story that starts initially and finishes at the end of the story. It’s not a rock opera. To compare it to other artists, it’s more like Iron Maiden’s concept albums – like a record that loosely dabbles with the concept of pharaohs or time.

On ‘Powerslave,’ there are other songs that aren’t technically about pharaohs. Or like on ‘Somewhere in Time,’ the songs have a chronological element in them. ‘Impera’ is similar, where the songs shine a light on various things within an empire. I guess you could say they show the cracks inside of it.”

Then, Tobias Forge revealed that ‘Impera’ is an album based on various aspects of an empire reflected on each song. Ghost’s fans are looking forward to listening to the record, and it seems that it’ll be worth the wait.