Swedish rock band, Ghost’s frontman Tobias Forge was the recent interview guest of Rolling Stone and revealed if he plans when and why Ghost will end its music career.

As you might read the answer of Tobias below, he indicated that Ghost has a long way to go and they do not need to change the current concept of the band.

Rolling Stones asked this:

“Is there a natural end to the Ghost concept someday? have you ever thought about following it up with something completely different?”

Tobias Forge answered:

“A few years ago, I couldn’t fathom making more than three records and now we’re closing in on the fifth. I, for myself, I’ve managed to see, I found a way to explain other things with this lingo so it doesn’t necessarily…

I mean, the songs aren’t necessarily about Satan anymore, it’s about all these different things. And as you said, now we are in a very – for a lack of a better word – we’re at an interesting point in time where it feels like it could potentially be apocalyptic.

And I have a feeling that the mankind has – somewhere there is a will to do good; individually, we have a hard time to do good, we want to good, but we have a hard time doing it because there are always individual needs and things that will poke on our egotism that will dilute our ways.

I have a feeling that all these things that are currently polluting what we see. I believe that there is a way out of that, I believe that this is a phase that we will look back on 50 years from now as something of this time.”

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