In an interview with Consequence, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge revealed that his plans for the band’s next record have already started to shape, which will differ from his previous works.

Tobias Forge, also known by his stage name Papa Emeritus IV, has acted as the lead vocalist and songwriter of Ghost since 2006. The band has gained international attention ever since their debut landed on the metal scene with their heavy melodic riffs, unique stage presence complimented by theatrical performances, and anonymity.

The ever-changing members of the band prefer to keep their identities unknown as the frontman, Forge, is the only member who has revealed his identity in the past. The band is currently on a North America tour, promoting their new record ‘Imperial,’ which was released on March 11, 2022. The album consists of exciting sounds and melodic riffs that bring a unique perspective to the heavy metal scene as the band continues to embark on new journeys on stage.

In a recent interview, Tobias Forge mentioned future projects, stating that he has plans for new material. The frontman, comparing his previous works with one another, explained how Ghost’s 2018 album ‘Prequelle‘ was composed of feelings of destruction and wrath, whereas the band’s 2022 album ‘Imperial’ focused more on the dynamics of a mechanical society.

The frontman concluded by explaining how his former two projects were completely different from each other in terms of context. He added that he has structured the basis of Ghost’s next record and stressed how the future project would be as distinguished as his previous records. He mentioned that it would feature a unique, new concept.

When asked about what was next for the band in the interview, Forge revealed:

“I have an album in my head right now that I think is going to be different from the one I just made. Both ‘Prequelle’ and ‘Impera’ were ideas that I had since six, seven years back. They were so different from each other in the sense that the ‘plague album,’ as I call it, was about the little person’s annihilation from almost more of like a carnal or God’s wrath point of view, whereas the ‘imperial record’ was more of a structural demise of the mechanics of society.”

He continued as follows:

”So they felt like two different things, and the idea that I have for the next record is also a different thing from that. It’s just a way for me to compartmentalize the ideas of finding new ways to inspire me lyrically and conceptually.”

Even with their busy schedule with the ongoing promotion for their album ‘Impera’ and traveling through North America, Tobias Forge still has time to project for future projects. Forge muses his ideas for his next record, which he has already determined will be different from Ghost’s past projects.