Ghost frontman Tobias Forge joined an interview on Drinks With Johnny and recalled when he first listened to Twisted Sister‘s ‘Stay Hungry’ and KISS‘ ‘Love Gun’ by revealing which one he loved the most.

KISS released their sixth studio album entitled ‘Love Gun’ on June 30, 1977. It became a classic for the band by hitting the charts and becoming a best seller worldwide. Less than a decade later, another iconic band, Twisted Sister, dropped its third studio album, ‘Stay Hungry’ on May 10, 1984.

Even though the two records didn’t have anything in common regarding sounds and lyrics, they had a special place for Forge, reminding him of his childhood. His older brother Sebastian was very interested in heavy metal music, so he brought several records, magazines, and posters.

One of them was ‘Love Gun,’ which he listened to first, then Sebastion gave him another record. Forge heard ‘Stay Hungry,’ and the singer found the album he liked more. This memory about the vocalist’s tastes can prove Forge’s musical style that he would create years later.

In Forge’s words, he said:

“My favorite thing in the world when I was a kid that my brother brought home, even though it wasn’t his favorite thing, but he liked it, was the heavy metal part of everything. I always liked heavy metal.

I remember the first record he gave me was ‘Love Gun’ by Kiss. I remember he also came home with Twisted Sister’s ‘Stay Hungry,’ He gave that to me because I liked it even more.

You can check out the interview and albums below.