Heavy metal band Ghost’s Tobias Forge recently stated that they shouldn’t compare Ghost with iconic old bands; instead, they should compare themselves to contemporary musicians.

Ghost was formed in 2006, and as a new band in the heavy metal scene, they attracted a lot of attention. The band was closely watched for some time to see their style and how they have been influenced. The fans always thought their melodies and riffs were unique and loved the band precisely for who they are.

They have released five studio albums since 2010. The band made records around three years after each other and, without overdoing it, gave their fans their musical taste. Their latest album ‘Impera‘ was released in March 2022, and recently, the band’s lead singer Tobias Forge talked about it in an interview.

Forge also talked about how the band should be compared to other bands. Comparing them to the iconic heavy metal bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, or AC/DC is not applicable because they existed in a different time. He stated that generationally, people could compare them to Rammstein because they were formed in 1994.

Here are Tobias Forge’s words:

“If there’s a comparison to make, it’s better for us to compare ourselves to more contemporary bands rather than my idols. All those 60s bands, it feels like they were 100 years ago now, with a completely different set of rules and a different world. But even talking about AC/DC, Metallica, or Iron Maiden was a different time and age. But if I compare us to a band that’s at least a little bit closer to me, generationally, it would be Rammstein.

I have no intention of sounding like them, but as a visionary, it’s motivating for me to see how a band that was doing arenas up until a couple of years ago now plays stadiums. Remember that it’s one thing to play arenas, and it’s another thing to sell out arenas. They’re also a fictional sort of band, highly themed, and they put on a show, as opposed to Pearl Jam, who go up in normal streetwear and play on a carpet and seem like your down-to-earth, well-educated bros. Haha! So I’d see Rammstein as the sort of guidepost that I’m working towards.”

You can listen to the first song on their recent album below and compare their sound yourself.