Ghost’s Tobias Forge recently talked to Guitar World about their recent album ‘Imperia’ and revealed the creative process behind one of the songs with elements of pop and heavy metal genres. He stated that they tried to combine Slayer and Missy Elliott to see what would happen.

‘Impera’ is the most recent album of Ghost, released in March, and added the fifth studio album to their discography. Before ‘Impera,’ the band released singles from the album and gave a sense of the record’s concept.

Having released ‘Hunter’s Moon,’ ‘Call Me Little Sunshine,’ and ‘Twenties,’ the band signed off to a good start promoting ‘Impera.’ The album focuses on the rise and the fall of empires. It seems like a good depiction of history repeating itself. The band presented their fans with something meaningful and unique by depicting history’s lesson to humanity.

Recently, Ghost’s frontman Tobias Forge talked about the tracks in the album and explained how he came up with their third single of the album ‘Twenties.’ He stated that he thought about how a heavy metal band and a rapper would sound when combined. Thus, the musician infused the styles of Slayer and Missy Elliott. This unique thought gave birth to the song, ‘Twenties,’ and the singer is quite proud of creating something that hasn’t been done by anyone else.

About the creation process of ‘Twenties,’ Forge said:

“When we were working on this song, I kept imagining: ‘What would Slayer and Missy Elliott sound like doing a song together?’ That’s how I wanted it to come out. Sometimes it can be a dreaded term in rock and metal, but this had modern pop qualities I wanted to explore, just to see if it would be doable.

And I think we succeeded. It’s a very aggressive song with very thrashy guitar playing and very evil lyrics about doing evil things. I always try to write songs I haven’t heard or at least that we don’t have. And this song felt like exactly that.”

You can listen to the song below.