A famous American drummer who is also known as the legendary band member of Slayer, Paul Bostaph, was recently interviewed by the YouTube channel of Riff Crew and remembered the days they have decided to end Slayer.

After leaving the band two times earlier, Paul has rejoined Slayer in 2013. After they have decided to cancel their thirteenth studio album and made a farewell tour together, Kerry King, Tom Araya, and Paul himself decided to split.

After being ranked fifty-eighth on the list of 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Time, Tom Araya has wanted to retire for years due to issues with his neck. After Slayer’s dissolve, Tom Araya never performed and did not record anything for almost a year.

According to the latest interview with Paul Bostaph, this decision may not be the end of Tom Araya’s career. Paul stated that being retired from Slayer does not mean that he’s ended his whole career for good.

Let’s hear what Paul said:

“I’ll answer that by just saying this: I don’t think Tom’s completely done. He’s a musician, you know? I think – I’m not speaking for him, it’s just what I really think.

He retired from Slayer, but he may not have retired from music. So let’s not throw Tom in the retirement completely. He’s a musician, he’s got a great voice, he may come out and do something of his own, just do what he wants to do in his retirement from Slayer.

That being said, did it bother me a little bit? I got lumped in with being retired – it didn’t bother me, but it was just like, ‘Man, I just want people to know that I’m not retiring.'”

He continued:

“The assumption that I was done – I thought about it, but never put too much thought into it, so now that I’m thinking about it, I guess in a way for Slayer to retire and for people to assume that I’m retired, that means they accepted me as a band member.

If I was some solo artist or something like that and people thought of me as a hired gun and not a band member, maybe they wouldn’t have thought of me as retired, so to some degree, I guess that’s why I didn’t bother me.

Because I’m like, you know, I always believed it’s better to speak with your actions because your actions always show really what you’re about.

So the whole retirement thing didn’t bother me partially because I knew Kerry and I was gonna get to it, start moving on with things this year. And then COVID-19 hits, and then the breaks got hit, so yeah, I’m not retired yet, I’m just itching to get to it.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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