Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge remembered the time when they got revenge from a record label company during a recent conversation with Mark Hoppus.

In the talk, Mark and Tom celebrated the 20th anniversary of ‘Take Off Your Pants And Jacket,’ which is the band’s fourth studio album, released back in June 2001, and recalled the good old days.

Furthermore, Tom revealed that they actually trolled the record label company when they were supposed to play the ‘Take Off Your Pants And Jacket’ before its release, and according to Mark, it was a good payback.

As Mark said, when the band was supposed to introduce their second studio album, ‘Dude Ranch,’ to the record label, the people that came in started coming up with excuses and leaving one by one. By the time they started playing their fourth song, there was no one left, and this is why they deserved to be punished.

The band’s third studio album, ‘Enema Of The State,’ was a great success and as a follow-up, the record company expected to see a tremendous record. However, Blink-182 decided not to play the songs from their new record but instead went in a different direction because revenge is a dish best served cold.

Tom stated that they actually started playing the ‘Hey, Wipe Your Anus!’ song, which is a cover version of the famous Spanish song ‘Macarena,’ instead of some tracks from the real album. Following their unexpected performance, Tom recalled that all of them were shocked by what they had heard.

Mark Hoppus remembered the anniversary of their fourth studio album:

“This is the 20th anniversary of ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.’ What do you remember about that time of Blink and that recording and that era?”

Tom DeLonge replied and shared how they got their revenge:

“Well, I remember there was a lot of stress to do on a follow-up to ‘Enema.’ But the best part ever was when we sat down the label and played them ‘Hey, Wipe Your Anus!’

Remember when Gary and Dave came in? We sat them down… for the people that would be listening to this – we had the people, the president of the label, the head of A&R, they came in, they’re stressing, ‘When’s the big follow-up? What have you guys been working on for six months?’

Then you and I played it straight, and those are the songs we put in there, their faces were insane. That was probably one of my favorite things we ever did to one of our label executives.”

Mark Hoppus agreed with doing such a thing:

“I felt like it was total payback because when you, me, and Scott went into the label to present ‘Dude Ranch,’ a handful of people came, and they sat down, and we started playing the record, and people were like on their Blackberries, and then people were like, ‘Oh, I gotta take this call, or I got a meeting,’ and they’d stand up and walk away.

And by the time we were four or five songs in, it was literally just you, me, and Scott sitting there by ourselves, looking around, and nobody even listened to it. So we just took the cassette, got back in the car, drove back to San Diego.”

You can listen to the full interview below.