Former Blink-182 co-lead vocalist, guitarist, and co-founder Tom DeLonge opened up about his current relationship with his ex-bandmate Mark Hoppus. Apparently, the bassist is doing much better now that the chemo is working, and the two buried the hatchet about their past.

As many of you know, Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus admitted that he has been battling cancer a couple of months ago via a post on his official social media account. Furthermore, it was revealed that the musician has been undergoing chemotherapy for the past three months.

The rocker often updates his fans about his current health status and explains the challenging journey he’s going through, especially with chemo. On the bright side, the treatment is working on Hoppus, and although he has a long way to go, his fans are hopeful for the musician’s future.

Being former bandmates for more than two decades, Tom Delonge revealed his current relationship with Mark Hoppus during a recent interview. According to Tom DeLonge, the two have a long and complicated history, which Tom forgot all about after hearing about Hoppus’ condition.

Apparently, DeLonge just wanted to be there for his ex-bandmate during these challenging times. Furthermore, he gave some news about Hoppus’ health and revealed that the chemo is working perfectly and getting rid of cancer in his body, which means he’ll get better in no time.

According to Guitar World, DeLonge said:

“Mark and I have a long history. When he came out with cancer, it was like nothing else mattered. I just wanted to be there, human-to-human. The cool thing is that it looks like the chemo is totally working, which is fucking awesome. Not like working a little bit, it’s literally eradicating this cancer from his body.

It’s the best scenario, but it’s still crazy hard for him because it’s chemotherapy which we all know is difficult from TV or having people we care about going through it.

So he’s not celebrating. He’s trying to finish up his treatments and he has good days and bad days. I just wanted to be there as a friend, honestly, like a brother. Yeah, we’ve argued over the years and stuff, but right now who the fuck cares about any of that? All I want to do is ask him, ‘What do you need and how can I help your journey right now?’”

Although it was cancer that brought the two bandmates together after many years, fans are glad that they buried the hatchet for the sake of being there for each other. Fans were thrilled to hear about how they reunited and felt happy to know that the musician’s health seems to be getting better with time and treatment.