The co-founder and former co-lead vocalist of Blink-182, Tom DeLonge, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and announced that he’s preparing for the shooting of a brand new music video which raised the questions about whether he’s getting back together with Blink182 who are supposed to release a new album soon.

As you may recall, Tom parted ways with Blink-182 back in 2015 after the increasing tensions between himself and the band members, and in a press release, Hoppus and Barker had said that DeLonge kept putting off their plans to play at a festival and record a new album for no reason and that one day they just received an email from DeLonge’s manager who told them that he didn’t want to participate in future Blink-182 projects indefinitely.

A year after that, Blink-182 released their ‘California‘ album, and in September 2019, they released their eighth studio album ‘Nine‘ through Columbia Records. In early 2021, Travis Barker had confirmed through his Instagram account that Blink-182 is going to release a brand new album in 2021, which in combination with Tom DeLonge’s recent post, raised some questions.

In the caption of his post, DeLonge said that he’s been growing out a mustache for an upcoming video shoot in Las Vegas which he believes is going to be a ‘ridiculous and completely inappropriate piece of art.’ As Blink-182 fans have been expecting a new album or single from their favorite band, they started wondering whether DeLonge is going to get back with Blink-182 and they’re going to shoot the video of their new album’s first single together.

Here’s what Tom DeLonge said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“When the Lord (an English Nobleman, not the other) asks you to grow out a mustache for a music video you are shooting in Las Vegas this week, and chances are it’s going to be a ridiculous and completely inappropriate piece of art.”

Click here to check out the photo that Tom DeLonge posted on his Instagram account.