Blink-182’s former guitarist and vocalist, Tom Delonge, posted a new picture on his official Instagram account to show how they were hanging out during their tours and made everybody smile with this post.

As you can see in the picture below, Tom Delonge shared a picture of two women’s bodies from behind, and they were chilling around the beach. However, Tom bizarrely claimed that this is the picture of him and Mark Hoppus.

While making everybody laugh with this hilarious humor, Tom also proved that they have been following the sex, drugs, and rock n roll trilogy to have fun during the tours, even though it is not certain that drugs were involved at this time.

This picture of Tom was so funny that over 70K people pushed the like button in less than sixteen hours and still risings. Also, most of the fans shared their reactions in the comment section.

Here is what Tom Delonge stated in the caption of his post:

“Here’s a picture of me and Mark Hoppus enjoying a day off on tour a few years back.”

You can check out the post below.