Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge spoke in a recent interview with his bandmate Mark Hoppus on YouTube and revealed what he loves the best about Mark.

Besides praising his musical talent, Tom wanted to talk about the personality of Mark and revealed his ambition to learn new things. Tom stated that Mark goes really deep about what he is going to do and this is one of the most unique and great things about himself.

As Tom said, Mark is doing perfectly what he is doing such as scuba-diving, gardening, and many more. While Tom was praising the personality of Mark, he also said that this is what he admired about Mark.

In addition to that, Tom touched upon the fact that Mark is a really funny person and shared some stories about their friendship. Tom mentioned the great and funny moments with Mark and he has been telling these memories in the gatherings.

As Tom said, everybody loves the stories that include Mark because they have hilarious moments. Afterward, he gave a quick story about his project ‘Monsters’ and what Mark did during this period.

When asked, Tom DeLonge shared the best thing about Mark Hoppus:

I love how deep you get into things when you decide to get into them. And I have told this story, which by the way, is really funny. You have no idea how many Mark Hoppus stories I’ve been telling people since I did ‘Monsters,’ the movie.

So, we did these all-night shoots that were exhausting, you start at six and don’t stop until six in the morning. So I’m telling you, at three or four in the morning, every time you cut, people are getting tired, you got special effects people, actors, there are 40 people on set…

And so I start telling old Mark stories to make everyone laugh, just little Blink stories, some of the funny shit that you’ve done.

So it’s funny because I’ve been telling and I kind of haven’t stopped and for some reason, I even said it probably about a couple of months ago, I keep telling papa stories any time I’m in a social gathering.”

He continued:

“But on a more serious note besides just your humor, I think when you decide to get into gardening, you go deep, or you get into fishing, or you get into World War II and all these things I’ve watched you get into over the years… Scuba diving? Well, I’ll be a master scuba diver.

You just go deep on these things but you retain the knowledge, and you do it in such a way that when you describe it, it’s really interesting, and you trim all the fat.

Me, on the other hand, when I describe something, I’m all passionate, and I’m all over the place. You describe it like a scientist that learned the ins and out of it.

And I really admire that. I’m not trying to get inside of your pants, I’m not doing that, I’m just trying to say that I admire it.”

You can listen to the full interview below.