Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave’s legendary guitarist Tom Morello was the recent guest of Ultimate-Guitar’s Justin Beckner.

Morello shared his advice for guitar players. Here is his statement:

“I’ll give you the best advice I got early on which was, if you want to get better at guitar, practice an hour a day, every day, without fail.

If you take those as religious tenants, you will improve. Guitar playing should be fun. You shouldn’t be working guitar, you should be playing guitar.

You should play with other people, that will make you better. You should play live, that will make you better. Don’t get in your own way of loving the instrument and playing as often as you can. Like, I’m teaching my 8-year-old now how to play guitar and I remember my first two horrible guitar lessons that made me never want to play.”

He also revealed an interesting fact about Cardi B.:

“So with him, I do the exact opposite, I teach him just two chords so he can write his own songs. He loves Judas Priest riffs and Cardi B songs, so I’ll teach him versions of those that sound enough like the song that he waked me up every day at 6:15 down there with ‘Breaking the Law’ or ‘Seven Nation Army’ or something. That’s the key, make it a good time and you’ll want to play more.”

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