Rage Against the Machine star and also considered as one of the most talented guitarists of all time, Tom Morello, was recently interviewed by Guitar World’s Amit Sharma and his current thoughts on the music industry.

Before talking about why he’s learning Led Zeppelin songs these days, he stated that sharing the same stage with Ozzy was a good fortune. According to Tom, it was a huge honor to rock with ‘Prince Of Darkness’ one more time.

At the end of the interview, Rage Against The Machine legend admitted that he’s learning Led Zeppelin songs for some time to teach them to his little kid who is also a die-hard Led Zeppelin fan.

Let’s hear what Tom said about the issue:

“I’ve also been playing a lot with my nine-year-old, who is an aspiring guitarist who loves Led Zeppelin. So I’ve been really learning those songs to teach them to him.

I know the riffs and I’ve jammed a few of them in different bands, but I’ve really been immersing myself in the subtleties of Jimmy Page’s playing. It’s been very eye-opening and has made me want to incorporate some of that into my own playing.”

He continued:

“We’ve been learning a lot of the voicings and stuff from ‘The Song Remains the Same’ [1976] record where he’s covering multiple guitar parts while weaving his way through the songs. I found it really interesting.

E Street Band notwithstanding, I’ve always been the only guitar player in a band. So it’s been good to see how he breaks down these often-complicated interlocking parts and makes a powerful and compelling single guitar performance out of them.

We’ve been doing that a lot. The live versions of ‘Stairway’ and ‘Whole Lotta Love’ on that are masterclasses for that style.”

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