Rage Against the Machine’s famous guitarist, Tom Morello, shared a tweet on his Twitter account and spoke up about RATM’s songs being used for political purposes.

As you may know, one of the reasons that Rage Against the Machine is so popular as a rock band is because their songs are well-known for expressing revolutionary political views. While songs’ lyrics can be interpreted in numerous ways by the listeners, it seems that Rage Against the Machine’s song ‘Killing In the Name’ lyrics were highly misunderstood by a certain public.

You may remember that in June, Tom Morello was criticized by some conservative fans after he showed his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, who were angry that he decided to get political. To that, Tom Morello asked how these fans listened to Rage Against the Machine’s music then, as all of their songs reflected their political views.

Recently, a video became viral on Twitter which showed Trump supporters in Philadelphia singing ‘Killing In the Name‘ while waving Trump flags. The irony is clear to any Rage Against the Machine fan, as the whole song is a criticism of white supremacy, fascism, and police brutality.

Upon seeing the video, Tom Morello retweeted it and said he wasn’t expecting to see his song used like this. His reaction went viral, once again with some conservative fans criticizing him for being political, while others were trying to explain to the former that Tom Morello was always politically involved.

Here’s what Tom Morello stated in his tweet:

Not exactly what I had in mind.”

You can check out the tweet that Tom Morello posted on his Twitter account below.

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