On a recent Instagram post, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello celebrated the 75th birthday of Led Zeppelin bass guitarist and keyboardist, John Paul Jones.

In his recent Instagram post, Tom Morello shared a picture of him with Jones in which they were hugging each other and smiling towards the camera. While Morello was wearing a blue shirt, John Paul was wearing a green one.

In the caption, Tom Morello wanted to praise the talent of John Paul by mentioning the efforts he gave for the legendary Led Zeppelin songs such as ‘Kashmir,’ ‘No Quarter,’ ‘Black Dog,’ and more.

Moreover, Morello stated that John Paul Jones was one of the best musicians who knows what they are doing with the instruments and said that he is one of the most important musicians in rock and roll history.

Here is how Tom Morello praised Jones in his latest post:

A very happy 75th birthday to the great John Paul Jones, the peerless bassist & keyboardist of the mighty Led Zeppelin.

From his towering orchestral arrangements in ‘Kashmir’ to his haunting pipe organ on ‘No Quarter’ and from his masterful mandolin playing to his writing one of the greatest riffs of all time in ‘Black Dog’ he is quite simply one of the best and most important musicians in the history of rock n roll.

You can check out the post below.