The guitarist of Rage Against The Machine and a political activist, Tom Morello has paid respect to the legendary band, Black Sabbath, while praising their cornerstone album, Paranoid, in its 50th anniversary.

As you may know, an extremely active social media user and the great musician, Tom Morello, has been explaining his thoughts about the legends in the music industry for some time now. The very last, he talked about Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

Morello has taken Instagram again to express his admiration on the album and the band that inspires him a lot this time. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Black Sabbath‘s iconic album, ‘Paranoid’s release, Tom said that the world may never recover after this heavy metal masterpiece.

Paranoid‘ is the second studio album of the British band, Black Sabbath. Released in September 1970, it was the band’s only LP to top the UK Albums Chart until the release of ’13’ in 2013.

The album contains several of the band’s signature songs, including ‘Iron Man,’ ‘War Pigs‘ and the title track. It is often cited as one of the most influential albums in the early development of the heavy metal genre.

Here is what Tom Morello said in his recent Instagram post:

50 years ago today this heavy metal masterpiece was released. The world may never recover.”

You can see the post below.