Tom Morello, the co-founder and guitarist of Rage Against the Machine, has appeared on Instagram to announce a significant charity initiation which aims to provide free meals for live concert workers amid the global pandemic of COVID-19.

The iconic musician has shared a short video of himself, in which he admits that he misses playing live while referring to the fact that the pandemic devastated the music industry, especially behind the scenes workers who haven’t been able to do their jobs since March.

Calling these crew people the backbone of the industry, Morello invited everyone to help these touring professionals, whom the artists owe so much. He led all of his followers to check out the website of ‘The LEE Initiative’ to find more information about the campaign.

Touring Professionals Relief Kitchen‘ program organized by ‘The LEE Initiative’ and ‘Touring Professionals Alliance,’ brings together the chefs from Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, and NYC to provide the crew with a quality, chef-driven dinner for their family.

Here’s what Tom Morello said in the video he shared on Instagram:

“I’m Tom Morello and I miss playing live shows. The pandemic has devastated the live music and the touring professionals were behind the scenes who haven’t worked since March with no end in sight.

Those crew people are the backbone of our industry and we owe them so much. But now there’s ‘Touring Professionals Relief Kitchen’ where chefs in LA, Nashville, Chicago, and New York have come together to provide touring professionals with quality, chef-prepared meals for them and their family.”

Morello said in the caption of his post that:

Free meals for live concert workers! ‘The LEE Initiative’ and ‘The Touring Professionals’ are providing meals in Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, and NYC, for crew & concert workers most of whom have been out of work since March. Find the schedule, more information, and where to donate at”

You can see the post below and check out the website Morello referred to here.