Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has revealed how he was influenced by Chris Cornell and Soundgarden, when he writing the guitar riffs in drop d tune.

According to Alternative Nation, here’s his statement:

“In the aftermath of the breakup of Rage Against the Machine in 2000, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk and I spent a lot of time over at Rick Rubin’s house scheming about what we wanted to do next.

We listened to and discussed and debated the relative merits of dozens of singers and rappers over the course of a few months. We had been in a world-crushing band and wanted to continue to crush the world. No easy task.

And then Rick cranked up ‘Slaves and Bulldozers’ by Soundgarden. Chris Cornell’s voice was haunting, beautiful, terrifying. We all looked at each other and unanimously exclaimed, ‘That’s the FUCKING GUY!’

We had been huge fans of Soundgarden and their drop D riffle was very influential on RATM, but Chris’ VOICE was otherworldly.”

Click here to source of the statement. A month ago, he revealed the song that he will play for Chris Cornell and said:

“It was during a sort-of not great period in the early part of Audioslave where Chris had been missing for some time. We didn’t know where he was, we were very concerned about him.

In the middle of the night, he texts me some very cryptic couplets – ‘If you swallow the coin from the wishing well, your dreams will come true in heaven or hell.’ I thought, ‘Well that’s not great’ [Laughs]

I’m like, ‘How are you? Where are you? Do you need any help?’ And he texts me back that. The next day, I wrote the song ‘The Garden of Gethsemane,’ which is of course in the New Testament, where Jesus had his moment of doubt. It’s a song that I play at the shows for my buddy Chris.