Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello spoke in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine and revealed the times when he was playing with Tool guitarist Adam Jones.

In the conversation, Tom unveiled the first times when he was playing on the bands and stated that he was playing with Adam in the high-school band named Electric Sheep. Tom also mentioned that Adam was actually a bass guitarist in the band and what he learned from him.

Tom said that he started to play guitar at the age of 17, and Adam was a really skillful guitar player back in the days. Tom stated that Adam was an early mentor to his career and helped him lots of things during his beginner times.

Interviewer said:

“You described a moment when you were playing in one of your first bands, and you’re playing ‘Born to Be Wild,’ which you had four months to learn – you thought that there’s no way you could learn ‘Born to Be Wild’ in four months.”

Here is what Tom Morello said:

“Well, you should’ve seen our band. There were three bands in my high school: there was the ultra-popular band, Destiny; they were the beautiful band who sang beautiful cover songs of the time.

They were like The Beatles; they were hugely popular and their hair was fantastic, and their dating lives were off the scale.

Then there was Epitaph, they were the bad boys. They were not playing stupid high-school events, they were playing weed, built parties with ripped jeans playing AC/DC and Black Sabbath.

And then there was my band, the drama club band, the Electric Sheep, which incredibly also featured Adam Jones, the guitarist of Tool; he was the bass player in the Electric Sheep…”

Tom Morello about Adam Jones:

“Adam was a pretty skillful guitar player at that time. I started later, I started when I was 17 years old, so he was an early mentor and helped me learn some chords and stuff.”

Interviewer asked:

“What was he playing like back then? How far along was he to be the player that we know him to be?”

Tom Morello replied:

“None of us, I mean – he had the ability, he was also sort of this dark and mysterious character that arrived from the Bay Area. This kid arrived from the Bay Area, he was sort of a dark and mysterious character that had musical abilities.

“And he was a great prosthetic makeup artist as well, even back then, so his path was beginning to be charted pretty early on.”

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