Rage Against The Machine star Tom Morello had a recent interview with Lodwire and shared his emotions about RATM reunion.

Here are his statements:

“Working on new Prophets music, doing a European festival run in August and hopefully we’ll have new music out, maybe even before the end of summer. …

We kind of wrote half a record and then Cypress put out a new record, Chuck’s been out, I was out, so we took a step back. Prophets of Rage is kind of like ‘The Avengers,’ so August is time for ‘Infinity War.’

There’s no news on the Rage Against the Machine front. The times demand people standing up, and that’s what I’m doing with my stuff, what Prophets are doing.

Hopefully all of the viewers and listeners are doing with their time. Don’t wait up for Rage Against the Machine, form your own band and get it done.”

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Today, Tom Morello shared a special photo on Instagram, and wrote:

“Shoutout to @acorn_uk who joined me onstage in Bristol. ACORN is a militant community-based direct action union, organising working class people up and down the country to fight for decent living conditions and control over our society and economy.

Check em out! Also big shout out to ALL the staff & crew at these gigs. They get there long before we do and are working long after we leave. Without them there is no show. Much respect. THANKYOU. #BristolFreedomChoir #PowerToThePeopleRightOn”

Check out the Instagram post of Tom below.