Rage Against the Machine and ex-Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello shared a recent photo on his Instagram account, that shows him and long-time friend Chris Cornell.

Here is what he wrote:

“Listening to Like A Stone & Spoonman in the car with my kids. Thinking of you buddy. @chriscornellofficial”

You can see the photo below:

Tom Morello also made a quick Question & Answer session with fans on Twitter, and claimed that there is no tribal genocide in Kenya.

A fan named bl4km4th asked:

Any chance you’re playing Nightwatchmen stuff at upcoming shows?

Tom Morello:

“Strong chance.”

A fan named Fielding Mellish asked:

“Speaking on artistic creation/freedom of speech are you familiar with the forced closure of due to censorship forces angry with bands political content & statements? Should all artists have free expression or just those with politically popular opinions?”

Tom Morello:

“Free speech is not complicated. Either you’re for it for everyone, or you’re against it totally. I’m for it. This surprises you.”

A fan named bl4km4th asked:

“How is the tribal racism in Kenya? ? Your dad is part of the Government there. Why are you silent about the tribal genocide? Why don’t you play there? What tribe would you be excepted to with a white mother?”

Tom Morello:

“My dad is not part of the government. There is no tribal genocide there. I have played there. Kikuyu. You went 0-4.

You can see the tweets below: