Rage Against the Machine and ex-Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello announced some news and shared four different photos on his Instagram account.

Morello announced that he will be one of the four guitarists who will be featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit.

Here is Morello’s statement:

“I’m super honored to be one of the four guitarists (#EddieVanHalen, #KeithRichards, #JimmyPage & me?!) featured in the new Metropolitan Museum Of Art exhibit “Play It Loud” in NYC, examining the instruments of rock n roll. Check it if you can! @metmuseum @eddievanhalen @jimmypage @officialkeef”

You can see his photos below:

Last month, Tom Morello made a quick Question & Answer session with fans on Twitter and claimed that there is no tribal genocide in Kenya.

A fan named bl4km4th asked:

Any chance you’re playing Nightwatchmen stuff at upcoming shows?”

Tom Morello:

“Strong chance.”

A fan named bl4km4th asked:

“How is the tribal racism in Kenya? ? Your dad is part of the Government there. Why are you silent about the tribal genocide? Why don’t you play there? What tribe would you be excepted to with a white mother?”

Tom Morello:

“My dad is not part of the government. There is no tribal genocide there. I have played there. Kikuyu. You went 0-4.

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