Tom Morello who is primarily known for his tenure with Rage Against the Machine, shared a picture on his official Instagram page in which there was late Clash singer Joe Strummer along with famous record producer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. While bidding farewell to the Jamaican icon after his recent passing, Morello also praised his favorite band, The Clash.

For those of you who may not know, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry was a singer and record producer who is widely known for his innovative studio techniques and production style. Back in the 1970s, Perry was a pioneer in the improvement of dub music thanks to his early adoption of remixing to create new instrumental or vocal versions of already-existing reggae tracks.

While he worked with numerous musicians throughout his career that spanned over more than six decades including Bob Marley, The Wailers, and Max Romeo, ‘The Upsetter’ is most notably known for his works with the key band in the original wave of British punk rock, The Clash.

Unfortunately, the iconic producer Perry passed away on 29 August 2021 at a hospital in Lucea, Jamaica, at the age of 85. While local media reported the passing of Jamaican icon of reggae, his cause of death isn’t announced yet.

Being a huge fan of both The Clash and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Tom Morello shared a picture of the late lead singer Joe Strummer and ‘Pipecock Jackson’ on his official Instagram account. While stating that he found out about Perry through The Clash and admired him deeply, Rage Against the Machine guitarist revealed that The Clash is his favorite band ever.

Furthermore, Tom Morello praised the late record producer by referring to him as a studio innovator who is also an icon of reggae and punk music. Following his passing, Morello thanked Perry for decades of brilliant music and his contributions to The Clash’s career as well.

In the caption of his IG post, Morello said:

Rest In Peace, Lee Scratch Perry, known as ‘The Upsetter.’ I learned about this reggae icon via his connection to my favorite band The Clash. He co-wrote ‘Police and Thieves’ which the Clash famously covered, produced their timeless ‘Complete Control’ and ‘Pressure Drop.’ He opened shows and jammed with the Clash famously declaring, ‘If any dem sons a bitches in da crowd gobs on Lee Perry, I cut em neck to the knee!’ Studio innovator, roots rebel, reggae icon, punk hero. THANK YOU, Upsetter.”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Tom Morello – Instagram Page