Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello shared a post on Twitter reacting to a rumor about a deal with the government to campaign the precautions against the COVID-19 and apparently, the news is fake and Morello is okay with spreading coronavirus if it’s an elderly person who supports Donald Trump.

A Twitter account shared a post allegedly stating that Rage Against the Machine made a deal with Joe Biden and the government to promote their campaign for people to wear masks and social distance.

Here is what they said:

“Joe Biden’s transition team has announced they have struck a deal with power group Rage Against The Machine to help get the word out to the youth of the country to begin to follow government mandates on wearing masks and social distancing.”

While some fans made fun of the fake news since Rage Against the Machine is not that kind of a band to promote what the government tells the citizens, some actually thought the news was real and wanted an explanation from the band members.

Guitarist Tom Morello recently took Twitter to respond to the rumors about his band and stated that the news about their collaboration with Joe Biden was actually fake. Morello also mentioned that he is completely fine with infecting Covid-19 to the elderly citizens if they are Trump supporters with a hashtag implying that it is only natural selection.

Here is what Morello said:

“Fake News. Trust me, if u wanna sneeze your Covid into your MAGA grandpa’s mouth I 100% support your kick-ass freedom to do so. #NaturalSelectionBro”

You can see the Twitter post down below.