Rage Against The Machine frontman and also the former member of Audioslave, Tom Morello, has been the recent interview guest of ‘The Howard Stern Show‘ last week and shared the reason why he holds his guitar so high and never trims its strings for many years.

If you are familiar with Tom Morello’s live performances or watched it ever on any streaming platforms, you may already notice that his guitar strings are always far longer than you can imagine. For many years, Tom Morello is not trimming his electric guitar strings and finally, he shared the reason why he’s doing it and it has a long long story.

In the same interview, Howard Stern also compared Tom’s guitar playing style with Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and asked why he’s holding the guitar too high while Billie wears his guitar down almost to his knees.

Let’s check out what he said about his guitar playing style first:

“The guitar is at exactly the same height that it is when I’m sitting down and practicing, so it’s like, it’s able to reproduce the exact circumstances under which I’ve been practicing, and I recognize it’s not cool, but that hasn’t really been a huge priority.”

And here is the story of not cutting guitar strings:

“I’ll tell you, that’s not an accident. When I was in that band, the Electric Sheep, I didn’t cut the strings of my guitar because I thought it looked cool.

And I was shamed by a musician friend – he said, ‘Cut your damn strings! You think you’re in the baddest band in town?’ And I was like, ‘I’m definitely not in the baddest band in town,’ so I cut my strings.

Years later in Rage Against the Machine, I was in the baddest band in town, and so I let my strings go.”

You can watch the video of the conversation below.

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