Tom Morello, widely known for his tenure with Rage Against The Machine, shared a post on his official Twitter page revealing the fact that he was first introduced with the wah pedal through one of the most influential electric guitarists, Jimi Hendrix‘s performance of his song ‘Woodoo Child.’

A wah-wah pedal or simply wah pedal is a type of electric guitar effects pedal that alters the tone and frequencies of the guitar signal in order to create a distinctive sound, mimicking the human voice.

As you may remember, more than a week ago, Tom Morello shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing his own wah pedal named Tom Morello Cry Baby Wah with Jim Dunlop and revealed the importance of the wah pedal stating that it has been essential in his career and helped him to find his own voice.

Recently, Tom Morello shared another post about the wah pedal on his official Twitter page and revealed the first time he heard the wah pedal, and apparently, it was thanks to the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix’s performance of the song ‘Woodoo Child.’ Morello also stated that he did not even realize it was a pedal that making the distinctive sound.

Here is what Morello said

The first time I ever heard a wah pedal was on Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child. And I didn’t know it was a pedal at the time, so I just thought there was this sorcerer who was LITERALLY a Voodoo Child making sounds that were just unbelievable on the guitar.”

Later on, Tom Morello opened up about his emotions when he hears the lyrics from Jimi Hendrix‘s song via sharing another post on his official Twitter page. Morello stated, in his tweet, that the influence of the song encouraged him to be best at playing the guitar so that he has the confidence.

Here is what Morello stated:

When he sang, ‘Stand up next to a mountain & chop it down with the edge of my hand,’ I thought, ‘One day I hope to work hard enough on this instrument that I, too, can stand up next to a mountain with the confidence that I might chop it down with MY hand.'”

You can see both of the Twitter posts below.