Rage Against The Machine star and also one of the most talented guitarists of the century, Tom Morello, was recently interviewed by ‘The Howard Stern Show and talked about how he became an exotic dancer in his early 20 as well as their naked protest at Lollapalooza in 1993.

As you might already know, Tom Morello worked as a stripper in his earlier days to afford a hot tub and indoor kiddie pool, and a water heater. According to Tom, these days were weird and that’s some kind of period that he does not proud of.

In the interview, Tom also recalled the day Rage Against The Machine went on stage nude as a protest and stood naked for over 15 minutes to protest censorship. According to Tom, there was a discussion about being naked on stage before the show and they have decided not to play after the protest.

Here is what he said about these days:

“It’s funny because we’re pretty deep in the interview before we got to that, I’m like, I knew eventually we would. [Laughs] Sometimes you got to suffer for your art.

“There was a discussion about it, and it was a time that – we all thought, we had talked about a couple of cities beforehand, but the irony of that day was – this was in Philly, so it was the closest show to New York City at the time.”

He continued:

“And this was the day when the record company sent everybody down to the show. ‘Check Rage Against the Machine, the hottest new band on Lollapalooza, you’re gonna see them in all their glory.’

And we didn’t even play. It was like a 15-minute feedback protest of nudity, and then we left the stage. And I remember talking with one of the record execs afterward, and he was like, ‘Thanks a lot for that.’ I’m like, ‘Hey, you sign a band named Rage Against the Machine, you get rage against the machine.'”

You can watch the video of the interview below.

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