Rage Against The Machine icon Tom Morello shared a new photo of his beloved mother on Mary Morello his Instagram page and sent his ‘Happy Mother’s Day‘ message to her.

Morello also revealed that Mar Morello enjoys watching NBA Play-Offs at 95-years-old.

Here is his message to his mom:

“Happy Mother’s Day to Mary Morello! At 95 years old she continues to fight the power, help those in need, enjoy the NBA playoffs, and bask in the love of her grandchildren.

As a single woman from a small Illinois coal mining town she left home to explore the world, traveling to over 60 countries in her lifetime, before settling down as a single mom to raise me and cause quite a ruckus for 30 years as a radical teacher in a conservative high school.

Thanks mom for your unconditional love and support, your relentless support of the marginalized and downtrodden, and for letting my band practice in your basement then, and now.”

You can see her photo below: