Today, Tom Morello answered the fans’ questions via Twitter because of the delay of his flight.

A fan asked his favorite Metallica song and Tom said:

“Seek and Destroy or Master of Puppets.”

A fan wrote “what Metallica riff do you jam out to the hardest?” and Tom responded:

“I love them but I play my own riffs”

A fan asked “what’s your favorite Led Zeppelin song”, Tom said:

“Fave riff OUT ON THE TILES. fave song RAIN SONG

An another fan asked “advice for a aspiring musician other than never give up and all that other typical stuff”, and Tom wrote:

“Wash your dirty hands before you pick up the guitar”

Asked by a fan: “Person dead or alive you wish you could play with”, Tom said:

“Randy Rhoads. He’d play I’d watch”

You can reach the tweets below.