In a recent conversation with On The Phone podcast by Sean Stewart, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello revealed his dream team guitar players.

Tom said that he had a great fortune of playing with lots of fascinating musicians.

Here is Tom’s statement (Transcribed by UltimateGuitar):

“I would go Hendrix, Page… for me, Randy Rhoads was the poster that was on my wall and I would practice eight hours a day… and then I might go – it may be a toss-up between David Gilmour for the emotion and Tony Iommi for the riffs.

We played a game, my friends and I would go to the Rainbow Bar [in LA] earlier, we’d play the game Mount Rushmore: you take any category, anything, it could be like best guitar players, best frontmen, worst guitar solos of all time on a hit record…

You come up with a Top 4 and then you spend a lot of time laughing your butts off on that one. Here’s one of my Mt. Rushmores of my career: I’ve had a great fortune of playing in bands with great frontmen – Zack de la Rocha, Chris Cornell, Bruce Springsteen, and now Chuck and B-Real – I’ve got a five-headed hydra of Mt. Rushmore for my frontmen, I feel very fortunate.”

Sean Stewart:

“You mentioned the late Chris Cornell. The tribute earlier [this year] at the Hollywood Bowl, hats off to you, that was well done.”

Tom Morello:

“I thought it was a great way to give Chris a proper sendoff for his fans and his peers and it was an honor to play these songs in his memory.

You can listen to the entire podcast below:

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