Considered as one of the most talented guitarists of all time and currently working with Rage Against The Machine, Tom Morello, has posted a touching photo on his official Instagram page to mourn the Quiet Riot’s drummer Frankie Banali.

Yesterday, Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali has passed away due to his long-time struggle with pancreatic cancer. Banali was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer back in 2019 and the doctors predicted that he’ll live for six months or so.

Unfortunately, he lost his battle with the death and his long-time buddy Tom Morello took to his official Instagram account to say goodbye to the old fella. While talking about his friend, Tom Morello said that he’s proud of Banali as a metal fan and called him a ‘nice man’ and also a talented drummer.

Let’s hear what Tom Morello said about Frankie Banali:

“Rest In Peace Frankie Banali drummer of Quiet Riot. Quiet Riot was THE FIRST metal band to EVER have a #1 album on the Billboard charts and we metal fans were so proud. Frankie’s drumming was a big part of their sound & success.

Check out the songs “Metal Health” & “Condition Critical”. I didn’t know him but I ran into him visiting Randy Rhoads grave on the 30th anniversary of Randy’s death and he was a very nice man and talented drummer.”

There you can find out the photo below.