Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello spoke in the recent interview with Premier Guitar and revealed some details about the guitar pedals while mentioning the legendary song of the band.

Killing In The Name Of is one of the greatest songs of Rage Against The Machine, and it was released back in 1991. In 2011, the official music video of the song released on Youtube, and it has been viewed over 130 million times in nine years.

In the interview, Tom unveiled the details of his setup and while doing so, he also shared the unknown fact about the guitar tone of Killing In The Name of. He stated that he was using the ‘MXR Phase 90’ pedal in this song and said that it was a specialist for these kinds of songs.

Here is what Tom Morello said:

“So the pedals that I’ve used for the better part of three decades: an MXR Phase 90, which I only use for the beginning of ‘Killing in the Name,’ it’s like a specialist.

The EQ pedal I use exclusively for boost, it’s from back in the days of playing clubs – when you couldn’t trust the sound man to know when the guitar solo was going to come, like, ‘I’m gonna take that out of your hands. I’m gonna be loud when the solo comes in, don’t worry about that.'”

He continued:

“Then I have two identical delay pedals, the one I use just so I don’t have to change the settings, one is just sort of a long delay, which accompanies all of the stuff for your astral pleasure right there.

Then the other one is like, there’s only a total of three settings between these two, and this one sort of goes back and forth between this ping-pong delay.”

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