During a recent intervie with Eddie Trunk from SiriusXM Radio, former Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello has revealed why Chris Cornell didn’t want to play guitar.

Here’s the statement:

“He didn’t want to play guitar. He wanted to sing. He was like “show me some music” and for us it was great. In the four RATM records there are exactly zero chord changes. It’s like the James Brown formula. It just keeps coming back to the one…it’s relentless the riffs and grooves. And so, with Chris’ melodic vocals it was a wonderful challenge for us as musicians to make a musical backdrop that would allow him to shine.

So it pushed us tremendously as artists to create songs like “Like A Stone” and “I Am The Highway” and some of the other stuff that was well outside of what we’ve done before. It was one of the most fertile periods of my musical life when we that debut Audioslave record.”

He also shared a story about Chris Cornell’s contribution to “Like A Stone”, and said:

Sometimes we give him a guitar and say “Gives us a Spoonman dude!” and he’d be like “it’s okay, I’m cool.” He didn’t want to do it (laughs). He did write some parts though. Like the bridge of “Like A Stone” is his.

He had a deep chordal and Beatles-y backdrop which is very different from my world. Some of his writing was very counterintuitive to how my fingers go.

So every Audioslave show, including [at the tribute show], I have to have a cheat sheet of how the “Like A Stone” bridge chords go on my amp because I can never remember it.”

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