Rage Against The Machine star and also considered one of the most talented guitarists of the century, Tom Morello, has shared a new photo on his official Instagram page and mourned the iconic baseball star Hank Aaron who passed away this week.

Hank Aaron was one of the most talented right fielders of American professional baseball history. He spent over 20 seasons with Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves in the National League and he’s known as with his 755 career home runs which broke the long-time record set by Babe Ruth a.

Unfortunately, he died just after 15 days he received a COVID-19 vaccination. According to the official statement, he died in his sleep on January 22, 2021, two weeks shy of his 87th birthday, in Atlanta.

After sharing the post, Anthrax icon Scott Ian has pushed the like button with other 10K plus people and paid his tribute to Hank.

Here is what Tom Morello wrote after the death of Aaron:

“Farewell to a real-life superhero whose courage on and off the field was a tremendous inspiration to millions.

THANK YOU and Rest In Peace Hank Aaron.”

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