Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello is one of the most esteemed activists in rock and metal communities. Today, he showed his activist personality once again by sharing a new message about the role of music for social movements and protests.

On Instagram, Morello has posted the cover photo of a book called ‘That Wasn’t Me,’ which is about  The Weavers and Pete Seeger’s heroic group of folk troubadours who fought the good fight for decades with courage and harmony.

After finishing this book, Morello expressed his feelings about it, and while doing that, he mentioned the importance of music for the whole social movements and protests. He said:

“Believing strongly that music could and should play an important role in social movements they were blacklisted, spied upon, physically assaulted, threatened with jail time and dragged before Congressional hearings. Which I suppose proves they were right.

They remain an important link in the historical chain of freedom fighting musicians. I salute their memory and will continue to try to walk the trail they blazed.”

A fan on Instagram suggested what he has to read after this book and said:

“If you like a good rock bio with a socio-political side Tom I just finished In Search Of Manu Chao, I suspect it might be your kind of read, you guys share some values I think, maybe give it a try if you haven’t read it, I thought it was fantastic.”

You can see the original Instagram post below.