Rage Against The Machine’s guitarist Tom Morello talked to NME about the controversial guitarist Ted Nugent. He stated that although he is a right-wing caricature, they get along well.

Ted Nugent is known for his strong conservative views and support for former President Donald Trump. He widely uses social media to discuss with his followers the wrongdoings of the current Joe Biden government. Recently, Nugent did a live stream on Facebook and told his fans to prepare for a possible country-wide shutdown and encouraged them to get guns.

It can be pretty hard to get along with someone with opposing views. In this case, Tom Morello is a member of the labor union, and he doesn’t like Donald Trump as he once referred to him as an ‘orange-faced demagogue.’ It is strange to see that Nugent and Morello consider themselves friends while having completely different political views.

Morello defended himself and his right to be friends with anybody. As a defender of free speech, the guitarist stated that it is up to the person to decide whether they can be friends with someone or not, but everyone has the right to voice their opinions. He called Nugent a ‘right-wing caricature’ but also admitted that he has asked his advice on several instances.

Morello’s opinions about being friends with Nugent are as follows:

“I reserve the right to be friends with anybody. I reserve the right to confront opinions I disagree with, with open-heartedness and love, or by throwing a brick. That’s up to me. In the case of Ted, I know he’s become this right-wing caricature, but there have been several times where I have reached him on issues that you might be surprised about.

But he is still crazy uncle Ted, who says all sorts of shit. It can be important to keep an open dialogue with people you disagree with, especially in this global community of disagreements. Sometimes it’s just as important to block them, though.”

Generally, it is crucial to understand the opposing point of view to fully grasp and support the idea you’re defending. In this case, Morello also thinks there should be a safe space where people can freely express their views, especially because people often disagree.